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AUTUMN COLORS connecting with our SHAMAN

Here in Montreal we are already fully entering the fall season. I have always liked this season of the year, because I especially enjoy going inside, being warm, coffee, book, intimacy, good company, good music…

My experience here in Canada is that you live the 4 seasons of the year very intensely (especially winter, hehe). The changes in the nature that surrounds me are very evident, and THE COLORS OF AUTUMN are an incredible SHOW that I enjoy a lot, going for a walk, observing the changes of colors and taking a lot of photos.

I see how the trees are changing color, losing their leaves and gradually staying totally hairs.

And I always observe and relate the outside to the inside…

Today I wanted to tell you about the relationship of this season with our MENSTRUAL CYCLE as women.
Autumn corresponds to the PREMENSTRUAL PHASE of our cycle, it is the WANING MOON, when our vital energy begins to descend, to go inside, our hormone levels change, and with them our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

It is said that we entered our SHAMAN PHASE.
the logical mind leaves room for the most subconscious mind.

As we see in the autumn trees, it is the phase in which a cleaning begins, both physically, as well as emotionally and mentally.
On a physical level, there is cleanliness in our body systems, it is also an opportunity to clean cabinets or those corners where “junk” accumulate. 
On an emotional level, the predominant emotion is anger-frustration, which has a lot to do with how we have lived the previous phases, and with whether we are giving ourselves the space to live this lowering of energy, or if we are forcing ourselves to continue with the same rhythm of external activity.
At the mental level, it is also a good opportunity to drop beliefs or ideas that no longer serve us, that limit us, that take us away from our true essence. 

And all this happens naturally!
as in the trees, there is nothing to be done,
only to be PRESENT in our body,
which will guide us,
if we learn to listen to it. 
The leaves fall naturally, when it is their exact time, the same way it happens or should happen in us.

When we force ourselves into something based on some belief,
we create resistance.

When we listen and follow our unique rhythms,
WE FLOW, and we tune into the other beings we are connected to.

Every woman is a unique world and embodies HER OWN FACE OF THE SHAMAN.

There are many other features of this archetype that you can delve into much more.

In my experience, starting to track, record and pay attention to my cycle more than ten years ago, has led me to a journey of self-knowledge, self love and self empowerment.

If you would like to start or continue doing so with your cycle, I leave you here a link where you will be able to download two circular diagrams you can print out to track your cycle every month.

Click here to get your moon diagrams

There is one aspect of it that in my experience is SUPER POWERFUL and I want to share TODAY.
And it is something so simple…

For me the Shaman, has a lot to do with connecting with THE GAME, with those GIRL’S EYES that is able to talk to plants, little animals, with beings of other dimensions, that is ALIVE in the PRESENT MOMENT, that does their MAGIC rituals with total confidence. WHO DREAMS AND SEES BEYOND.

When we connect with THE GAME,
our vibratory frequency rises and so does the opportunity to connect with all our
potential for creation and recreation
in this life we are in. 

So much for today! I send you a big hug!

I hope this post has served you!
Do you like autumn and its colors? How do you live and incarnate your shaman? 
I will be happy to read you in the comments! 

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