Handmade Artisan Jewelry Creations.
Connecting with our Feminine Power.

Are you looking for something Unique? infused with the Spiritual energy of Handmade patterns, Stones and Archetypes?

I make each jewel with care and intention of Joy, Love and Peace.
My goal with every creation is to feel the beauty that is born of our authentic being and to honour being a unique woman.

My designs are elegant and fine and have the intention to Empower. I always create from the inspiration of my mind, and the power of my womb and heart.
I invite you to take a look!

Contact me -> The KalaSandra online store will be closed to receive orders until August 11th. We are on vacation, and we will return soon with new energies and creations.
However, you can still browse all of our products and manage your wish list.
Wishing you Joy, Love and Peace, see you soon!!